Alex Clark's @ Alnwick Gardens

Published by: Alex Clark Art Team

Alex Clark Art at The Alnwick Gardens 


Some of you may be aware from seeing our posts on social media that we have been up to The Alnwick Gardens a few times recently.                                

We have been working with the team up there to introduce a wider range of products into their gift shop :) 

Now some of you may not know this about Alnwick Gardens (to be honest we didn't) but The Alnwick Garden do a lot to support the local community through their various community and education programmes, tackling issues such as unemployment, isolation, learning needs and supporting those with dementia, to name a few.

They work with children through their Roots and Shoots programme to tackle obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.

Their Young Gardeners programme supports children and young people with special educational needs along with their families to grow their own produce and have valuable time together with the support of staff.

The Elderberries programme supports their older beneficiaries with an array of activities and opportunities to make friendship groups, exercise and learn new skills. They also plan on supporting Drugs Education through working with young people and children educating them with the dangers of drugs misuse, the consequences and promoting their resilience to have the confidence to make positive choices.

So Where does Alex Clark Art fit into this?

Well ... whenever an Alex Clark Art product is purchased in the gift shop at The Alnwick Gardens a percentage of the profit will go towards their NEW outdoor gardening programme which seeks to bring communities together through creating and making beautiful spaces.  

The Alnwick Gardens work with organisations to improve any land for the use of their beneficiaries and the local community. The project provides the opportunity for a diverse range of people to come together and work together with ownership over their space. They support them with acquiring the skills to maintain the land afterwards, ensuring it is enjoyed for years to come.

Keep an eye on our news section for regular updates which will include before & after pictures showing how Alex Clark Art fans buying products from the gift shop at Alnwick Gardens is helping with their outdoor gardening programme.


If you would like to read a bit more please do visit The Alnwick Gardens website