Our Website is up and Running ... Hooray

Published by: Danielle Janay

What a Rollercoaster it has been but we have done it ... 

We do have a little favour to ask you though.

We are hoping that things will run as smoothly as possible during the changeover however, this isn't always the case as you will know ... so if you can be as patient as possible with us we really would appreciate it !!


So .. Let me explain some of our new features.


* On the old website a lot of our categories were more appropriate to our trade customers and not so much towards you guys ... BUT not anymore. We have placed all our cards into categories such as Birthday, Wedding, New arrival, Sympathy and any other occassions we could think of. We also created two other categories which we felt were really important .. Cards for cat lovers and Cards for dog lovers.

* We have our Scarves photographed and uploaded onto the new website.

* We have all our new Christmas Range uploaded Online.

* We have created a section to sell Alex's Collectors edition prints and Originals.

* We have all our NEW 2019 Calendars available.


* We have some new items by Chruchill China including

- Rooster Squash mug in a gift box.

- Golden Goldies Squash mug.

- Adventure starts here Cherry mug.

- The Cats collection has a new Cat include.


We also have a News section now ... oh wait you know that as thats how your reading this !!!

So keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic blogs and any events we have coming up !!


Hope you like it guys .. and please let us know if your finding it easier ...

We have our facebook page Alex Clark Art aswell as our instagram alexclarkart 

Give them a like/follow and if you have time a little bit of feedback :)



Alex Clark & The Team